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They taste incredible

The first thing I noticed was the flavor. If you’ve ever tried psychedelic mushrooms in the past you know that they historically taste terrible. This was not the case with these golden teachers. Admittedly, I think I ate more than I planned because of pleasant flavor. It was like eating veggie chips. I’m not entirely […]

Beautiful Experience!!

Had a wonderful experience with the golden teacher strain. Really opened up new portals and helped elevate my mood and decrease elements of my depression. Would really recommend this strain to beginners.


STRAWBERRY GUMMIES I decided to start my morning with a some help from my friends. These little guys are so tasty. The natural ingredients used is something I really appricate. There is no mushroom taste just a slight earthy aftertaste. One hour in the mushroom starts to make itself known. All the colors become brighter […]

Best tasting mushrooms

Origin mushrooms are fantastic. Everything from the packaging to the look and taste was of the highest quality. I took 2g of Golden Teachers, an entry-level mushroom. I am an experienced psychedelic user, so the effects of the mushrooms were relatively tame for me, this is not a criticism. I was really surprised by the […]

Golden Teachers

I’ve done mushrooms many times and I usually do 2-4 grams of stronger strains such as the Penis Envy strain or Blue Meanies. I did an eighth of the Golden Teachers but didn’t feel much other than a mild body high after 2 hours so I consumed another 4 grams of another strain and had […]

Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar

Golden Teacher chocolate bars are by far my favorite Origin product. The way the body digests the cacao with the mushrooms creates a full spectrum and enhanced high. The visuals on Golden Teachers are undeniably my favorite. Everything becomes light and airy, everything sparkles and comes to life. Its always been a happy and positive […]

Blue Meanies

The Blue Meanies was an experience unlike any other. Wow! Very clean come up and peak. The potency of these is amazing. Made a little tea, no nausea from these. Can’t wait to try more. Highly recommend these MEANIES.

Penis Envy Psychedelic Trip

One of the best Ive ever tried! Had stages to the high – very visual kaleidoscope experience and happy buzz.